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I'm Sarah -wife, mother and baker. As a child I learned alongside my mother how to bake and have always enjoyed teaching others including my two young boys we decided to homeschool. After years of perfecting my skills, opening and running a bakery, I am now so excited to share my love of baking in a new way with you at Dough Run Baking Academy. 

In this class you will learn.....

-the secret dry mix

-the unique skills of biscuits, just the way my mother makes them

-how to make scones so good you don’t even need butter or jam

-how to make the perfect flaky pie crust, the one that literally melts in your mouth

For more information please contact sarah@doughrun.com

I cannot wait to work with you!


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16949 York Rd

Monkton MD 21111

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Monday-Friday 6:30am-1pm

Saturday 7:30am-non

Sunday -closed 


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